Sunday, October 18, 2009

July 2010 until Jan 2012....

It was a starting point to a thorough discussion when I suddenly said:

"Next year, I dah tak mau pegang marketing unit la. We can appoint newbies. Ramai yang berkebolehan bos"

"Give me ur reason?" begitulah bos ku bertanya. Actually this conversations were created just after he advised me to set up for an urgent meeting this evening. Wawawawawa

After few second pause, I replied.

"Its time for me to further my study. I do really hope to do it full time. Can I boss?"

Again after few second silent, my boss give me this answer.

"Alahai, further study tu I mmg galakkan tp when you said nak buat full time, I dont think the scheme is available right now. Buat part time sahajalah."

Saya berfikir panjang. Sebenarnya bukan apa, saya ada 1 perasaan tak yakin kalau buat part time. Hehe. Entahlah.

"Zura, I'll discuss this matter with our boss first and forward to KU committee members. After that, you will receive the answer. Is that okay? For the time being, stop thinking to let go ur position."

Thanks boss to put an effort helping me. Thanks boss for being understanding. Thanks boss for giving me an opportunity to say this. Apapun, i do really hope, kalau x dpt tajaan pun, I be given cuti belajar. Tak lama pun. Setahun setengah je. After that, saya akan kembali bekerja for two years and fly for another 4 year-doctorate study plak. Again, Can I Boss?