Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Liltle updates 9

May Allah bless us always.

Today is 27th of November. We are approaching year end in just few days more.
How's life people? Been great? Alhamdulillah. 

Nothing much to tell. Perhaps things are so common nowadays. Life get tougher yet many more to explore. So, just enjoyed what has occurred and be ready to future. Tak begitu?

As you know, I am now in my so - called new office. We are having semester break and Alhamdulillah,we are not as busy as before. Talking about this job, I would say that, being a teacher or lecturer is never an easy post. All you need is the perseverance. Next semester will be my 14th semester. Baru 14 semester. Many more years to chase, rite?

Baiklah I wanna share something with you the readers. Believe or not, I used to have only two plain hobbies that is to love reading and writing. I read many books, materials or even everything appear to me. I write a lot too. I read many genre of materials. Be it academic books, magazines, recipes books, novels, publications, brochures, articles, dictionaries and many more materials. By having material to read, I feel relieve. 

I write a lot. I write poems, never - ending stories, texts, comments and arguments, journals. I sometimes also like to rewrite or continue to elaborate discussion on assignments during undergrads and master studies. Kau mampu? I know I am a weird person. 

Recently my friend, had captured me reading a dictionary during convocation ceremony held by my college. This is me. Hahaha. Feeling funny too as she post about it in her blog. Tersipu - sipu I dibuatnya. 

BTW, here is some of my collections when it comes to dictionary. 

The newest one is the smallest. The Collocations (English - Malay). The eldest in this picture is the Longman Pocket Idioms in which I bought the dictionary on my 21st birthday. It was about 9 years already. Apart from dictionaries in this picture, I also have Oxford Learner's Pocket Phrasal Verbs and Idioms, 2.5 inch of Oxford English Dictionaries, few English - Malay student dictionaries, few Arabic - Malay dictionaries and perhaps few more. The Oxford Dictionary of Marketing is really useful and exciting to marketing people like me. I suggest all marketing students should have this one. Actually, I was searching for Business and Management Dictionary prior to this purchase. Yet the dictionary I searched was not in stock and I found this dictionary as the exchange. 

The pocket Idioms and Activators are indeed awesome. They provide guidelines and examples to boost our understanding. They also offer tips on using certain idioms and words. And they do have tests bank too.  

I am going to KL for seminar this coming 9th, and wish to go to Kinokuniya to find these:

1. Longman Dictionary of Common Errors (+- RM 37)
2. Longman Basic English Dictionary (+- RM 18)
3. Oxfort Rhyming Dictionary (+- RM 46)
4. Changing Face of The Asian Consumer: Insight and Strategies for Asian Market (+- RM 112)
5. The Principles of Islamic Marketing (+- RM 360)

Obviously the No 4 and No 5 are not dictionaries. They are academic materials I wish to have and 'katamkan' before pursuing the next step in study pathway. 

Okaylah, Dah kebosanan dah pulak. Got work to do. 

May Allah bless us always...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Chocolate Chip Coookies dan...

May Allah bless us always.

Long time no update. I've been busy with many things such as to attend various workshops, transfer into old office (back to the main campus), convocation preparation, and invigilated students' examination. 

As I said earlier in my previous entry, I will always seek for desserts to lower down the distressed level in me. Searching for mouth-watering, scrumptious sweets always never easy for me because I am a bit choosy. But today I want to introduce to you, the readers, a flavorful Chocolate Chip Cookies. 

I always love to have this kind of cookies during raya because it is easy to bake, less ingredients recipe and the failure rate is really near nothing. But as rumah Kuantan doesn't have oven, so buying them at shop would be my choice. However, the manufactured-choc chip cookies I bought do not project authentic taste I wanted from this cookies. Only few meet my target.

I discovered a new brand called MYNY (combination short form of Malaysia and New York). Actually I noticed this brand when I went to Asean Culinary Challenge held by our subsidiary institution few months ago (on May if I'm not mistaken) as I bought their slice lemon cheese cake. The cake obviously delectable to me. And few weeks later, I found this cookies sold at Tunas Manja Supermarket. By having such good perception based on the slice cake, I without wasting more times, grab the pack and straight making payment.

They are indeed best chocolate chip I ever tasted. They are authentic, mouth - watering, luscious and absolutely crunchy. Just as same as what I want from this cookies. 

Wanna have some? Hehe. I put the pictures and find the nearest shop and buy them okay? 

There are four sachets in each pack. The cookies original look are more less the same with the picture posted on the sachet and the packaging. So, they are really full of choc chip, people.

Priced RM 4.50. Quite expensive but nevermind the quality is on top of it. I bought at Pantai Selamat Supermarket near my office. I believe this cookies also can be found in any Tunas Manja outlets and Giant Hypermarket. 


Apart from that, I want to share with you some events occurred previously.

Lately, tak terasa nak makan nasi, So I end up having mee and pastas all lunches like Meehoon Calong, Kuetiaw Sup, Pasta Tuna and many more. The above picture shows a dish called Yee Mee Kantonese without seafood. The taste was good. And I having this at Zack Corner near HTAA. Go there and try people. apart from this yee mee, I love to have their Chicken Chop and Burgers.

My college convocation run last Saturday. Finally after two years I am able to wear back the lecturer robe. Hehehe. What happened to the two years of not wearing the lecturer robe? Hahaha. Nothing serious has happened. The first year of it, I was on duty as one of emcees of the convocation ceremony and the second year, I wore the student robe as the convocation also congratulate the MBA Program in which my college was the study center of the program.

Me with my colleagues. We are wearing the red hoods as red represents our franchise partner, UTM.

Without anyone of us expected, we won the ICC (Innovation Creative Circle) or normally known as KIK project entitled us the Piala Presiden, certificates and money of RM1000. The picture shows us with our CEO/ Presiden.

I tried a recipe few days before coz I want to upbringing this product to market soon as to generate 'duit belanja sekolah anak-anak buah maksu laura'. Nanti I bawa samples ye. I dah siap fikir my brand lagi. Acik Laura's Delicacies. Okay tak? hahahaha.

Okaylah. Dah pukul 1. I dah lapar. See you soon. Doakan Acik Laura's Delicacies berjaya ye.

May Allah bless.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hari ini keputusan UPSR keluar


Hari ini hari penting buat anak buah nombor tiga I. Si Angah. Anak along I yang nombor dua. Kalau tengok abang dan sepupunya boleh tahan la keputusan mereka. Harapnya si angah ni turut ikut jejak abangnya dan sepupunya lah ye.

Maksu berdebar ngah oi!

Meh I ceritakan sikit pasal si Angah.

Angah nak along I ni agak manja jugak dengan I. Mungkin sebab jarak umur dengan adiknya setahun sahaja. Dari kecil tabiat tak boleh blah dia adalah kalau nak tidur mesti nak main siku orang. Pernah sampai teralih siku I dibuatnya. Sekarang bila dah besar pun kadang - kadang ada jugaklah angin dia nak main siku kalau nak tidur.

Angah ni I tengok sensitif sikit orangnya. Mudah meleleh. Tapi kadang - kadang keras  hati. Mungkin menurun I sikit agaknya. And selamba aje dia sound orang kadang - kadang. 

Nway, dia kira berbakat lah jugak dalam kerja - kerja rumah. Kalau dia bad mood like bergaduh dengan adik dia atau dengan abang dia, dia akan mengemas rumah. Time tu janganlah sesiapa kacau. Dengarlah suara tahap halilintar dia. Kalau dia tengah kemas bilik, janganlah sesiapa masuk bilik tu. Baguslah, hasil kemasan memang baik. Lagi satu I nak cerita dia ni kuat makan. Kalau dia rasa nak makan kek, selamba aje dia godek resepi, then select ingredients, set up mixer and start baking. Kenkadang, I sendiri belum cuba those recipes. Kadang - kadang, time dia rajin, hari - hari jugak dia buat kuih atau masak. That's why I think she has the talent. 

Apapun keputusannya I terima aja. I akan cuba set my mind to not questioning anything. I do hope she's prepared too. Angah, whatever the result is, Maksu will always support you. Maksu will always love you. Go after your dreams...

Okay, dah 10.15 am. Jap gi I nak menelefon angah...Doa sama2 ye agar I dapat terima dengan hati terbuka...