Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Inspirations please come to me asap


Talking about my tight schedule these few weeks and so on, I do hope that everything will be under controlled. Life is never easy kan? Hmmm...

Let me share with you guys some of the activities:

1)This week is SOST's week 9. In a proper words, we are in the middle of the semester yet many chapters of each subject still under covered.

a) Business Marketing - so far under schedule ( in Chapter 9 already) Alhamdulillah.

b) Business Mathematics - This needs lot of efforts coz it still stuck at Chapter 5.

c) Principles of Marketing - This also needs lot of efforts as it still at Chapter 8

d) Principles of Management - Ahah, just covered Chapter 6 last weeks. Still having 5 more chapters to be tackled in 5 weeks. I think I need more times.. Huhu.

2) My Mba schedules:

a) Decision Analysis - 4 assignments all together need to be settled before 24th.

b) Law, Ethics & CSR - Our turn to present Caveat Emptor & Caveat Venditor THIS WEEK.

c) Marketing Management - Our turn to present Consumer Behavior NEXT WEEK.

3) My Marketing Unit:

a) I want to resign from being the Head of this unit. But then, my resign proposal was rejected by the boss. huhuhu.. So this week needs to set up meeting for improvements

b) To be a journalist. Writing stories to be included in the newspapers. Banyak ye tuan-puan.

4) My own self

a) Tomorrow needs to see the Head of Transportation. To discuss about renting the lorry service for angkut barang2 kat umah lama. Hmmmm... By hook or by crook, those things must be out from the house THIS WEEK.

b) To start doing ISO stuff... ( Laura, now already week 9 yer. Week 1 pun lom wat)

c) Really hoping for the study loan to be release soon so that I can buy the new digital camera for my cousin wedding end of this month. (Sabo jelah guna duit study wat beli camera! Alah you all dulu2 pun cenggini kan?)

BZ kan? Hmm...


During my younger age, below used to be my golden words.. Hopefully it still can be my golden words. Tapi Amaran Keras: SILA JANGAN GELAK.

LAURA, tabahlah kerana aku akan tabah.
LAURA, bertahanlah kerana aku juga akan bertahan
LAURA, berusahalah, kerana aku juga akan berusaha
LAURA, bertenanglah kerana aku juga akan tenang
LAURA, jangan berhenti kerana aku juga tidak akan berhenti
LAURA, Kau mampu melakukan kerana aku percaya kau boleh
LAURA, Kau mampu jadi terbaik kerana aku tahu tentang itu
LAURA, never give up as I will support you forever
LAURA, bertawakallah kerana itu juga ikhtiar...


Dari hati Laura Azura,
Chaiyok Chaiyok Chaiyok

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Third Semester

Assalamualaikum dan Salam 1 Malaysia to all readers. How are you friends? May Allah bless you always.

Alhamdulillah, I am now in my third semester. Luckily I passed the terrible papers last semester.

Alhamdulillah, my MBA journey now is in the middle of it. But again, lots of things must be settled. Must be tackled. Must be avoided.

Again, I will work hard. I will never say giving up. I will try harder and harder.

Give me some inspiration friends...
Give me some determination friends...
Give me some motivation friends...
Give me your loves, hopes and dreams friends...
Give me your never ending supports friends...

Coz I only have you (melainkan Allah and Family)...

You are truly my pillars of strength.
Thanks for being there each time I need help and comfort.
Hanya Allah mampu membalas budi anda semua....

Go Laura! Chaiyok Chaiyok