Sunday, November 15, 2009

Never stop fighting eventhough the fighting is done..

A quote to remember for the rest of my life...

To be honest, it was far years back when I firstly discovered it on the wall of Universiti Malaya's room at my school hostel. Every rooms must have those motivation quotes to keep reminding the adolescents of what they should behave or react. It was actually my elder sister's room. Mine was Universiti Islam Antarabangsa.

Clearly stated on the wall that we should 'NEVER STOP THE FIGHTING TILL THE FIGHTING IS DONE' and it became my philosophic strength for many years. Yes it is true to say and hold that everything must be filled with efforts till we get what we want in life. We should put our ultimate commitments in whatever task we did and its for sure never stop fighting till the fighting is done.

However, when age keep growing year by year and life is not as easy as before, I started to think that the old quote was no longer appropriate and need to be revised. hehe..So skema right? Never mind.

By the way the new quote is not 100% altered from the original one coz the former was great and still giving much motivation to me. Here it goes, 'NEVER STOP FIGHTING EVEN THOUGH THE FIGHTING IS ALREADY DONE'. This is due to the basis that we should not always feel comfortable to what we've done. We should try harder. We should put extra efforts to make sure the success can be sustained and forever ours. Betul tak?

Guys, life is truely challenging. Again, try all your best and gain the best. Never stop fighting... Reserve only the best for your life and Keep fighting for the best!!!

And last but not least, what makes the motivation level in you keep increasing day by day? Mind sharing with me?