Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Mendung sangat these recent days. Konon - konon ari tu ckp dengan bonda pasal masa balik kenduri abang teh Amat ari tu macam nie:

"Kuantan panas terik. Xde ujan pun. Kalau hujan pun malam - malam tapi tak lebat.
ngatkan kat belah pantai barat je ujan. Tak tahu pulak kat sini (merujuk kg) ujan tak berenti."

Sekali, sepanjang perjalanan balik dari kampung ke Kuantan, ku terpaksa meredah hujan berpanjangan. Adoyai. Sejak Hari Isnin, hinggalah ke hari ini Kuantan asyik hujan - hujan dan kalaupun tak hujan, mendung segala. Tak ada panas langsung. Mendung hitam je. Suasana memang kesejukanlah.

Dan waktu hujan atau mendung macam nilah, Cik Laura banyak assignments yang mesti di siapkan! Apa? Cuaca mendung dan Assignment? Tentulah ada kaitannya dik oi! Kalau dah mendung, aku pun mendung jugaklah. Mengantuk memanjang. Konon - konon tak boleh berfikir. Baca case studies pun tak sampai satu mukasurat, dah menguap kemengantukkan?

Apa? Korang pelik? Tak payah pelik lah weh. Mengaku jelah korang pun macam aku kan? Huhuhu..

Talking about the assignments to be completed, as i posted on previous entry, which telling you my plan of settling them before my bro wedding tu, gayanya indah khabar dari rupa. Ku hanya sempat menyiapkan all OM (Operation and Technology Management) assignments only.

So now, with this cold weather, I have three cases to be read and analyzed plus one complete analysis for our chosen company. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ku ketensionan!

Apa pun, moga Cik Laura dapat bertabah. Pray for me frens

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kem Kepimpinan SMK TK, Raub

Assalamualaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakatuh and Salam 1 Malaysia to all readers.

As per promised, this is the entry to reveal how enjoy I feel when having such back-to-school activities with adolescence a week ago. Actually we were invited by the school (SMK TK) to provide the facilitator expertise for their Leadership Camp. That invitation were then filled and the program went smoothly for 3 days.

I love being a facilitator. The job requires me to adjust accordingly with the environment. It also makes me realize things can be visualize to many kind of forms. Most importantly, it increases my confidence level confronting with a diverse background of the participants. The job really helps me in understanding and appreciating things and humans around us. When I facilitate others, I do facilitate myself. When I facilitate others, I do improve myself better.

When talking about to facilitate SMK TK's school leaders, its just to facilitate myself to back to school. Alhamdulilllah, I have some experiences in regards to such camp before. All memories when becoming the Aspuri (Girls Hostel) Captain, the Prefect's Education Exco, the (fixed) Vice President of Peer Group (Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya) are pictured in mind. With that little inputs, I promise to deliver the best to the selected participants.

Here are some pictures of the activities:

Let's start the picture tray with the panorama of the location. Benar - benar terasa dibawah awan.

Among of the participants - the boys

Among of the participants - the girls

My group - discussing about the bridge construction

The activities

My group in the frightening challenge

My group - ice breaking session (we are Tok Jangguts)

The facilitators during introduction session

Them again - The most clearest pic is Aiman

Us - again..

Us - again

Us - (tangkap apa da? hmmm)

Us - melompat lebih tinggi

Us - this is the best team ever!

Me and the super duper best group ever!

Until we meet again in the next entry. Peace no war!
Me, Laura Azura Zainal.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dah bulan Tiga!

Assalamualaikum and Salam 1 Malaysia to all readers...

We are now in the month of March. Already in the third month of the year.. Huhuhuhu... Many have to be settled in these recent months.

First of all, I would say this coming week will be the busiest week for me. I have to make sure all assignments are completed before I can go home for my big bro wedding. All assignments, you know. They are like mountain to me now. Let list them below:

For Operation and Technology Management subject:

Two major assignments. One to be presented on this coming 10th. One to be submitted on the same day. Sangat susah okay. One to think of one innovation product, and to describe it product and process type as well as to explain the layout of the factory to produce such innovation.

Another one to find one public listed company which recently made operational changes or absorb new technology and to describe the why, how, when, what result of the change. The answer must supported by evidence. Both on the change and the after change evidence. Susah jugak ni. Meaning we have to think about changes that occurred few years back so that we are able to describe with evidence the result after the changes now. I'm thinking of Proton, MAS, or some other glcs but my group wants to maintain to discuss about Nationwide Express Courier. Never mind. We already have the materials yet, it is still not complete.

For Strategic Management subject
All case studies have to submit on the 17th. There are three individual case studies to be analyzed and answered. Apart from that, we have to complete our main project and to present the data on the 18th of the month. This is a complete analysis of a company strategic issues such as the corporate background, corporate pathway, the financial stability as well as to chart some suggestion for company improvements. Another 'adoyai'.

For me, I rather prefer to have some 'lega' when thinking of strategic management assignments. It just that, the requirements are much easier than the another subject. And maybe, I already did such assignment during undergrad. They are just pretty the same.

However, all must be completed before my brother wedding this coming 10th. Luckily, the lecturer permits me to take leave on that weekend. And luckily my other group mates, are willing to take the responsibility to present on behalf of me. Thanks to all and I promise to prepare the best for our group.

Itu cerita tentang kerja sekolah yang berlambak. Apapun, cannot wait to gather with families on my big bro wedding. But, let me tell you something to avoid conflict or confuse here. Okay, I have 3 biological brothers (2 are married, one still single), and 3 biological sisters (all are married). However I also have some other adopted siblings. I have 3 adopted families. One in Jerantut, and two in Kuala Lipis. And my big bro who is going to be married is actually my special adopted brother. Why so special? Coz all of his siblings are turned to be my parents' adopted children since 15 years ago and so do with my siblings. My siblings are also turned to be his parents' adopted children. The bond are not only between me and him but between the rest of the families. And no doubt, we are so close to each other.

So, tak kan nak miss the moment like this kan?

Okaylah, ofis dah sunyi sepi. Mau balik masak gulai lemak sardin. Bestnyer kan? Perasan lebih. kalau ada belimbing buluh lagi best. Tapi apakan daya?

See u on the next entry regarding my job as facilitator this recent weekend. Byk gambar nak share... Sangat teruja!