Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kem Kepimpinan SMK TK, Raub

Assalamualaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakatuh and Salam 1 Malaysia to all readers.

As per promised, this is the entry to reveal how enjoy I feel when having such back-to-school activities with adolescence a week ago. Actually we were invited by the school (SMK TK) to provide the facilitator expertise for their Leadership Camp. That invitation were then filled and the program went smoothly for 3 days.

I love being a facilitator. The job requires me to adjust accordingly with the environment. It also makes me realize things can be visualize to many kind of forms. Most importantly, it increases my confidence level confronting with a diverse background of the participants. The job really helps me in understanding and appreciating things and humans around us. When I facilitate others, I do facilitate myself. When I facilitate others, I do improve myself better.

When talking about to facilitate SMK TK's school leaders, its just to facilitate myself to back to school. Alhamdulilllah, I have some experiences in regards to such camp before. All memories when becoming the Aspuri (Girls Hostel) Captain, the Prefect's Education Exco, the (fixed) Vice President of Peer Group (Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya) are pictured in mind. With that little inputs, I promise to deliver the best to the selected participants.

Here are some pictures of the activities:

Let's start the picture tray with the panorama of the location. Benar - benar terasa dibawah awan.

Among of the participants - the boys

Among of the participants - the girls

My group - discussing about the bridge construction

The activities

My group in the frightening challenge

My group - ice breaking session (we are Tok Jangguts)

The facilitators during introduction session

Them again - The most clearest pic is Aiman

Us - again..

Us - again

Us - (tangkap apa da? hmmm)

Us - melompat lebih tinggi

Us - this is the best team ever!

Me and the super duper best group ever!

Until we meet again in the next entry. Peace no war!
Me, Laura Azura Zainal.

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