Monday, May 2, 2011

My Journey to Utara

Assalamualaikum and Salam 1 Malaysia to all readers. Alhamdulillah now already month May of year 2011. Almost half the year, yet many things still continue unresolved. But then, life is short, so life is great, kan?

Alhamdulillah, my journey to the northern ended safely. Alhamdulillah, despite of 'kete angah rosak' incident, we are very happy for the newly-wed couple Rohani and Azizul. Another Alhamdulillah, for the first time ever, we reached Pak Busu house in Baling Kedah.

'kete angah rosak' near Pekan Gerik. We were stuck there from 4.30 pm to 10 pm. Yet kete angah cannot be repaired. Luckily the Pak Busu and Pak Lang managed to come and become our rescuers. If not, mesti dh kena ulam ngan Pomen Kete tah apa-apa kat situ.

Alhamdulillah, we reached Umah Pak Busu (we called him just Busu) nearly two am.

The next day, the kenduri went as planned. I met my grandma (i called her Wan), my aunty (Mak Uda) and the families, cousins (yg dh lama pepalih tak jumpa. Last I met him and the family is when i was 14), the anak saudaras and saudara maras... hmm, normallah kan. Udah namanya kenduri kahwen kan?

I want to highlight 1 thing. Suppose when coming to Utara, mestilah bercakap dengan slang Utara but then, when these families met, we convert the northern slang to Nogori Sombilan Slang. Not to address that my grandma is originally from Negri Sembilan but it was just happened. Instead, I think we are more 'Pahangian' than 'Negri Sembilans'. Ontah, den pun poning! and Mujurlah Mak Usu (Busu's wife, the Kedahan) can catch up with the slang easily as dah lama kan being a part of our family.

We left Baling about 8.15 pm the 1st May night and reached Jengka (umah angah) 6 in the morning the next day. Long distance driving kan? We stoped by RnR Sg Perak, RnR Tapah, and Petronas Bentong before reached Jengka Pusat. When at Sg Perak and Tapah, barulah sempat shopping lil bit. I bought labu sayung for mak, flower pins for the anak buah, buah-buahan (along mengidam buah ciku. hmm...), the famous kuah rojak Mak Bee, the fish snack dll. Then, melayan anak buah mengambil gambar (buat ala2 siang hari walaupun dah tengah mlm. huhu). And I believe if 'kete angah tak rosak', sepanjang hari Ahad tu akan jalan-jalan sekitar Baling and we did plan to go to Perlis. Apo nak buek, keto angah kau rosak!

But then, I feel pity to Angah. And I and the family dah consult him to find a new car. I advised him to buy a MPV (he wish to buy Alphard but then I propose to him to consider Grand Livina or Wish as the rege (Price in Pahang slang) are more competitive as next year Najihah (Angah's elder daughter will enroll to Secondary school). And Angah agreed. Huhuhu.

Tutup pasal kete angah and i wanna say Thank You for Busu and the family yang banyak membantu. Also thanks to anak saudara Mak Su yang turut membantu malam kejadian. Thanks to the rest of the families. Until we meet again...

Huhuhu... gambar-gambar nanti I masukkan. Now tak sempat as perut meragam...


Laura Azura Binti Zainal
(yg mengantuk dan sakit perut kala ini)

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