Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Liltle Updates 4

Assalamualaikum dan Salam 1 Malaysia buat semua.

Moga - moga kita semua dalam keadaan yang baik lagi sihat walafiat hendak-Nya.

Hari ini 19 Januari kan? Hate it yet it's a fact.

Actually, nothing much to say here. Just to kill my times invigilating students doing their Test 1. Muka sorang - sorang ketat - ketat belaka. Seems like I produced another tough questions and they don't expect that to happen. Seems like they are regretting themselves for not study hard. Seems like their expectation on me is wrong at all. Seems like to ask "Why you are so cruel, Miss Laura?". Hmmm...

It is just the beginning. Never give up. Push your mind to think critically. Insya Allah, you will have the answers. Enough looking at me with that horror face. Think critically, Insya Allah, you can count on me.

Yes, CNY is coming. It's holiday you know! We will have long weekends this week. Yup CNY falls on Monday and Tuesday of next week. And I (as students will have their mid term break) am planning to prolong the holiday till next Sunday. Reasons supporting the event are:

1) I have no MBA classes on both weekends.

2) I have an appointment with doctor at Hospital Raub to discuss on my blood test result.

3) Rendu kampung halaman

4) To have longer times with mum and the rest of family as I know it will hard for me to find times after this. My schedule is packed with classes and jobs. I've been appointed as Liason Officer for SUKMA Ke-15 (Sukan Malaysia)which to be held somewhere on May. I've also been requested to participate on marketing exhibition in Sabah and Sarawak this coming April and be bundled with so many other things as well as my plan to have some sort of 'jenjalan-mengabiskan-duit-yang-memang-takcukup-sokmo' to Melaka early February and to Langkawi somewhere in May. Aduhai...

I love being at home. I mean my hometown. It is naturally peace and exciting. I always feel good having my families around me (who's not). Walaupun seminggu tu tak keluar rumah langsung. I just love that.

Oh ya, I have some poem which I really like as it seems to have relation to what I am facing right now. I found this on a link from Nabeyl's blog yesterday

Bodohnya menekan-nekan untuk dinampak,
Padahalnya aku semut pada si gajah,
Mahu di rasa wujudnya aku di tanah ini,
Harapan menggunung mahu menjadi penting,
Mahu mata kamu ke aku.

Tapi rasa yang ku mahu itu tak pernah sampai,
Dan takkan tersampai

It's hurt. No doubt. I don't want to reveal it yet. But, where ever you are, what ever you did, when ever the date, I wish you good luck. (Pretty sure you know who you are when reading this).

Okay, seems like students already finished answering their test. So, till we meet again on next entry.

Take care dear. I love you all.

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