Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Liltle updates 9

May Allah bless us always.

Today is 27th of November. We are approaching year end in just few days more.
How's life people? Been great? Alhamdulillah. 

Nothing much to tell. Perhaps things are so common nowadays. Life get tougher yet many more to explore. So, just enjoyed what has occurred and be ready to future. Tak begitu?

As you know, I am now in my so - called new office. We are having semester break and Alhamdulillah,we are not as busy as before. Talking about this job, I would say that, being a teacher or lecturer is never an easy post. All you need is the perseverance. Next semester will be my 14th semester. Baru 14 semester. Many more years to chase, rite?

Baiklah I wanna share something with you the readers. Believe or not, I used to have only two plain hobbies that is to love reading and writing. I read many books, materials or even everything appear to me. I write a lot too. I read many genre of materials. Be it academic books, magazines, recipes books, novels, publications, brochures, articles, dictionaries and many more materials. By having material to read, I feel relieve. 

I write a lot. I write poems, never - ending stories, texts, comments and arguments, journals. I sometimes also like to rewrite or continue to elaborate discussion on assignments during undergrads and master studies. Kau mampu? I know I am a weird person. 

Recently my friend, had captured me reading a dictionary during convocation ceremony held by my college. This is me. Hahaha. Feeling funny too as she post about it in her blog. Tersipu - sipu I dibuatnya. 

BTW, here is some of my collections when it comes to dictionary. 

The newest one is the smallest. The Collocations (English - Malay). The eldest in this picture is the Longman Pocket Idioms in which I bought the dictionary on my 21st birthday. It was about 9 years already. Apart from dictionaries in this picture, I also have Oxford Learner's Pocket Phrasal Verbs and Idioms, 2.5 inch of Oxford English Dictionaries, few English - Malay student dictionaries, few Arabic - Malay dictionaries and perhaps few more. The Oxford Dictionary of Marketing is really useful and exciting to marketing people like me. I suggest all marketing students should have this one. Actually, I was searching for Business and Management Dictionary prior to this purchase. Yet the dictionary I searched was not in stock and I found this dictionary as the exchange. 

The pocket Idioms and Activators are indeed awesome. They provide guidelines and examples to boost our understanding. They also offer tips on using certain idioms and words. And they do have tests bank too.  

I am going to KL for seminar this coming 9th, and wish to go to Kinokuniya to find these:

1. Longman Dictionary of Common Errors (+- RM 37)
2. Longman Basic English Dictionary (+- RM 18)
3. Oxfort Rhyming Dictionary (+- RM 46)
4. Changing Face of The Asian Consumer: Insight and Strategies for Asian Market (+- RM 112)
5. The Principles of Islamic Marketing (+- RM 360)

Obviously the No 4 and No 5 are not dictionaries. They are academic materials I wish to have and 'katamkan' before pursuing the next step in study pathway. 

Okaylah, Dah kebosanan dah pulak. Got work to do. 

May Allah bless us always...


  1. I love reading tooo..but..quit bz to finish it hihi..sometimes...i love to re- read research methodology...actually xnak otak ni penuh sawang dan berdebu =D

  2. U read Research Methodology? Wah sounds wallah!!! Leh da register wat master by research. hehehe.. Yeah, by being a student always make us updated with current issues as we r lack in industry knowledge. Apart from that, I really miss your presence here, Mama Wawe...