Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Self reminder

Assalamualaikum. How are you readers? May Allah bless you always.

As I posted many times in this blog, reading is one of my hobby. I read many materials, from books to magazines, academic reports to dictionaries, articles to comics, novels to proceedings. To be exact, I read all things. All genre. Except something that is prohibited.

Since I started working in early 2007, I've been really committed in buying materials to be read. I can be at bookstores for hours. I indulge to each disccussion of the topic.  If I read novel, I like to imagine myself as the main character. And yes, paper scents are always sweet and awesome.

Recently, I found good books. Books in which each word or phrase written is meaningful. Definitely reading them are time consuming as I need to recall more of the past, analyse the present, and hope for the best in the future.

These books have some common attributes:
1. They are mostly written by young educated authors
2. They emphasis on how one human would become a better person (a better muslim)
3. They discuss current issues
4. They use simple language with examples related to something relevant nowadays
5. They provoke and highlight self development
6. They simply touch my heart.

As they are published to promote a stable and blessed life, I found myself have been far away from the right  path. They help me to relocate myself, the place or state that I should be directed.

Yes, not many but little, these books I read, have shown me the ways how should I develop myself and how should I acknowledge potentials. They also remind me that we in the world are the khalifah and we surely have responsibilities to be carried away.

Syukur Alhamdulillah. Verily, all of us are the best creations yet we seldom forget the real reason why we are sent to this world.

A change is a change even it is little. So dont be too rushed. Change one at one time. The most important is not the speed but the movement. Yes, we are all have flaws but learned from them.

In shaa Allah, sooner or later, the change may spark. Keep on moving. Keep on doing the best of ourselves. Keep on praying for the best. Keep on improving.

Indeed, may Allah bless the authors

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