Monday, January 17, 2011

My newborn Nephew

Assalamualaikum to all readers. May only the precious will exist in your life.

Alhamdulillah, despite of bad moods and demotivated issues, I received one good news from my little (Ops, seem like hard to eliminate that word) bro, informing me that his wife Shidah already delivered their 1st baby on 15th January. Few minutes later, he had MMS me the pic. What a lovely face and his smiling. Handsome dowh!

My adik da besar kan. Walaupun I mmg susah nak buang perkataan little bro tu dari dia. Setiap kali refering to him, I must put together the words. My adik is my little adik. Walaupun adik dah ada keluarga sendiri. It just happened! I mmg selalu rasa walaupun adik dah besar, dah dewasa, dia tetap adik kecil I. Itulah kan. Bunyinya macam sangat emo kala ini.. Hahaha..

Dulu I ada letak entry pasal adik I. So u can refer to them.

By the way Adik or now I should say to my adiks (Adik and wifey),

- Happy Living
- Be a good daddy n mummy
- Be tolerate to each others
- Be responsible
- Be never apart
- Always keep in touch with me...
- Peluk cium untuk baby on behalf of me
- Banyak sabar

and, do happy with what u do.

Me: Akak

(Dulu I ngan Adik contacting via mail. And we have our own mailing format. Nanti I share contohnya coz kt umah, I simpan lg surat2 tu. It almost 14 years since 1st letter wrote up...zaman tok kaduk tuh. Its unique, I guess)

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