Saturday, February 12, 2011

They are leaving

Assalamualaikum and Salam 1 Malaysia to all readers out there. May only the precious will exist in our life later.

Sound weird reading to the above title? Who are they? Hmm...its really hard for me to write about this. Yes, they are leaving.

First: She is leaving. But I have to accept the reason. She has to go. She has all the rights to leave me. And I will have no reasons to stop her. So I wish good luck friend.

Second: She is leaving too. For the sake of her family. I also believe that she has to go back to her hometown. Her family needs her. I will give full support to her.

Third: He is leaving. I noticed about this long time ago. But I rather choose to wait. Until the day he speaks to me.

Fourth: He is about leaving from our new friendship. Thanks friend for being so understanding for the past 1.5 years. I learned many things. About your journey. About your hurdles in that place. It just me who thinks our new relationship will turn to more meaningful sense when you come home next month. However, things are easily said than done. And on this case, i think both saying and doing the things will have no correlation at all. Becoz, he is not destined for me.

Fifth: They are leaving. All I need is to be more stronger. All I need is to be me. Again and again.

Thanks friends. I owe you a lot. Thanks for being there on my time of needs. Thanks for being friends with me. Thank you very much. You've been my pillars of strength.

Deep inside my heart,
Laura Azura (yg tgh penat membaca buku utk exam siang karang) Adoyai...

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