Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Semester has commenced

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera to all readers. May Allah bless us always.

Actually, not many to jot down today. Just to say that New Semester has commenced. And, I am really wishing that this semester is better than last semester. Really hoping that the commitments on students' performance will be on top of everything this semester. Really hoping the health conditions also in proper state and most importantly, really hoping (am working on it), the performance towards this job will no other than searching for Allah blessing. 

In Shaa Allah, I will work hard to project the best. I will work hard to produce quality results. I will try harder (ups to million times) to deliver the best for our young generation. For these, lets us be better person and ikhlas in everything we do.

This semester I've given the responsibility to teach three subjects with total 19 hours per week. The subjects are as follows:

a) Principles of Marketing. (3 sections)
b) Business Marketing (1 section)
c) Introduction to Industrial / Organisational Psychology (1 section)

Even the subjects are similar to past semester yet, many have to be improved and to be updated. Especially for Psychology subject. last semester, the subject was not offered and this is the last semester it is offered to old cohort students. 

Today, I have one more class to attend. It is the Principles of Marketing class for accountancy new cohort students. Hopefully what been planned will smoothly delivered. Actually for this subjects, I have to work more as it is now offered to semester 1 and 2 students. I guess it is hard because the subject requires maturity to deal with. BTW, In Shaa Allah, I will work hard to adjust with the imbalance.

SO,  let's end above ramblings on new semester has begun. I would like to prolong this entry to talk about the PMR Result Unveil this morning.

My family have one PMR candidate this year. Perhaps he is the last in the family who are sited for PMR. And the first and the last among his cousin to sit for PMR. His elder cousin is now in form one and she is scheduled to no longer sit for PMR according to new PBS scheme. So he is the last and he did it. Yeay!

Alhamdulillah, while waiting for my students this afternoon, I got a sms notifying me that he got straight A for his PMR. Me, impatiently called home and hoping to hear confirmation. I want to hear his own voice telling me, Maksu, I did it! But, Allah has better plan for me. He is on his way to Masjid when my call answered by his mom. So I did congratulate my sis for his son success. 

Me, impatiently again and made call to my sister to deliver this message. But, my sister said she the one who managed to reach him via phone while he is at school this morning and she was the one who deliver the message to his mom at home. Then I said okay. Perhaps I was the last to know about this.. Huhuhuhuhu.. But then, never mind I am fine. 

Alhamdulillah, when he get back from Masjid, he give me a ring. Talking to him just now, I am actually controlling myself to not dropping any tears. Well, I am in the office rite now. I am so touched hearing his voice thanking me for become his mentor all this while and he wish me to continue becoming his mentor for years to come. Oh, I am so touched! Truly, I will always support you and will always love you, son! Huhuhu..

He is the eldest grandchildren of my late abah and mom. The one that known for his stubborn attitudes. Known for his impatient, known for his hot - tempered. The one who only has mom as his father. The one that grown in hard condition. The one that now has giving this success to the rest of the family.

NO doubt, This success is really meaningful and let's success always be with us, dear. Aminn..

Dear my nephews and nieces, lets make this success unstoppable. Lets never turn back. Lets never give up. Many has await you. Lets fighting for the best.  Remember, Man Jadda Wa Jadda. 

Again, lets fighting for the best. Fighting for the Allah blessing. 

Him. The one in red t-shirt with his bff. We gave him name Muhamad Firdaus but always referred himself as Adif Firdaus. And his bff is no one but Lukman. Never stop fighting son!

Last but not least, Thank you Allah for blessing us with this success.

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