Thursday, February 7, 2013

He is back, safely


Alhamdulillah. He his back. Safely. My whole family were worried of him since days ago. This was his first going home trip from Kuala Terengganu. Yes, alone. No one but  my 16 years old nephew has successfully and safely arrived here at my place after two week times at SESTER..

Perhaps, you people might think we were funny but the truth is, that was his first 5 plus hours bus riding alone.  He had to prepared himself earlier. And the most horrible moment was that, he had not rang us even a call.

He was supposed to be in bus at 3.30 pm and was expected to arrive Kuantan, 4 hours later. The whole family keep calling me asking about his arrival since 7 pm because I was given the responsibility by the family to fetch him from the Bus Terminal.

But then, after an hour of worried waiting, finally the bus turned up. By the moment I saw the bus, I eagerly hoping that he was in there. When the bus stopped right in front my waiting place, I saw many adolescences who still wearing their school uniform. Something then projected deep inside my heart, Pity them. Really pity them. The clock at that moment shows 9.00 pm.

I move forward approaching the bus door. When I saw him walking slowly from his seat, Ya Allah, Ku rasa lega sangat - sangat. Honestly from the first time I saw his face, I feel wanna cry.  Coz what? He finally turned up in front of me! Safely and cheerfully.

Alhamdullillah. Kali pertama balik seorang dah berjaya. Insya Allah, akan berjaya juga yang lain - lainnya. Next monday, I'll send him again to the bus terminal near our hometown because we are planning to going back to hometown this evening. Next trip will be more longer than this previous trip. From bus terminal in Jengka to Kuala Terengganu, the bus service officer told us, the bus riding will take more less 7 hours,.

InsyaAllah he will manage to reach back SESTER safely. Lets pray for him...


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