Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Things that happened recently

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

Alhamdulillah. Today is January, 21st of year 2013. Many has happened and colored my life recently. Even the colors were blended but they still prosper my life. For this, I really thank Allah as surround me with people I love most and inspire my way till now.

Many things has occurred recently. Things that I classify as things to be remembered for the rest of my life. Let me list them out below:

1. The most unbelievable moment was when the VPA called me for a discussion. The discussion however led to serious pain in my head. I was forced to do the right decision. Honestly the ratio of what I think I should accept and what the other party think that I should accept is about 35 : 65. But then, the percentage fluctuates many times before I make the decision, in which to accept the job.

Actually until this moment, I would like to stress that, me myself is still unable to locate my thinking according to what my new jurisdiction supposes.

It is so hard to accept this change. It is so hard to adjust with the change. It is painful every time I remembered the post I eventually chose to accept. I don't know where my determination goes toward this job. Simply said, I really distress with this new environment. I just can't. Can somebody understand?

2. Another thing happened recently is about my eldest nephew. I wrote about him many times in this blog. Yes, he is the one who is succeeded in gaining straight As for PMR a month ago. As he is the eldest in the family, The first of my parents grandchildren, allowing him to school far from home would be a tough decision made by us. I know this would sound silly but this is the truth. From last year when I looked him studying, I know he would succeeded. I know, by looking to his attitude, he would achieve something in his life. I am expecting him to go further in his study. But, I rather keep my judgement till the result revealed.

As Family really important for me, allowing him to school far away from home is something that i will vote. Not only him. So do with the rest of his cousins as well. For me, this is the chance for them to really experience life. Let them be. Being far from family InsyaAllah, will instill maturity to their act and thinking.

But, me myself is a normal person. Letting one kid to be far from family is not an easy job. Deep inside my heart, I feel scare. How will him start life far from home? How will him doing things all by himself?

Poyo kan maksu dorang nie!

3. Once in my life, I ordered something from seller, they charged me zero price. Ya Allah. Sangat bertuah ku rasa. Here a picture of the freed order.

Moga murah rezeki si pembuat kek. Check out The Box of Delights Kuantan on Fb. Macam - macam ada.

4. Kamdar Sales is back! My housemates and I went there last nights. Well actually we all really like shopping at Kamdar. I bought 5 pairs of cloth. So cheap I guess because the total is less than RM 100. Last month I bought 4 pairs. Itu gara - gara tension disebabkan perkara pertama diatas. I love shopping at Kamdar even ada sorang adik who work there already recognize us. Cotton at Kamdar really awesome!

5. I just got my English test result. Huhuhu. A bit disappointing. Only requires one mark more to get the highest band level. Sangat kecewa sebab bukan kerana tak dapat band paling bagus tapi sebab hanya 1 markah je lagi. Others may get the same band with me but the marks are much lower. People will talk and concerned about bank not the marks. So I worry this will reflect bad perception among other members in the organization.

6. Listen, listen, listen and Nampak sama tapi bukan dia, Tunggu ini semua poyo videos really make my life cheerful these two weeks. Sangat kelakar. Sangat menghiburkan. Now pun rasa nak gelak!

Okay, wanna stop this entry. Enjoy life people and pray the best for me.


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