Friday, April 12, 2013

I love these designs


May Allah bless us always. This entry I dedicate to my frens out there who love handbags like me. Tadi I was thinking to start my business on selling preloved handbags yang kat rumah tu berlambak sudah tak dipakai dek kerana bila suka, jumpa dan terus beli lepas tu pakai sekejap dah jemu. Hohoi...

I think even I have bought many of them, I rather choose to use only few of them. Like the dark orange one as you can see in Cameron Highlands entries or perhaps this red-colored handbag that I like to use recently. Hmmmmm..

(this one I beli di Bata) (pemandangan lain tu tak yah comment okay) (Ini namanya gambar urgent)

I have in my stock few handbags to be sold but don't have the pictures now. Maybe next entry I upload to you, guys.

While killing times just now, I googled some Marie Claire handbags (mostly form Bata online site) and Nose handbags that I mostly adore. So here the pictures. (Thanks google image for the pictures)

I suka design handbag ni. But the shoes? Ermmmmmm of course not my type

Beside the design that look lil bit classic, I like the color of the bag.

The design of the bag is awesome

My usual design. Love the color, love the simple yet stylish and teen-look design



The color impressed me!

Materials look tough, okay!

Awesome, trendy

The model is no doubt pretty and the handbag is also pretty in style

Spot the blue colored one! it's awesome!

Heheheehehe. So here my list. But as usual, I can't choose all. So hopefully next times, these handbags may enlighten me.. Ya, mari berdoa.

Okay see u next time. 
Wish me luck.
Wish everything I planned run smoothly..

(Cik Laura berangan lagi, okay)

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  1. memang cantik2 la zuraa design diaa.. jomm togeder geder shopingg kt bata jomm