Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cameron Highlands 2 Part 1.


N3 ni saya buat untuk cover N3 yang terdahulu yang dah saya delete sebab too many stories to tell and too many pictures to share. So senang kalau kita bahagikan kepada beberapa parts kan.

As U read in my previous N3, this trip is the second trip to CH this year. And perhaps, as compared to other CH trips, this is I think the best trip ever.The statement is supported by several reasons:

1. The trip is The Housemates Trip. (In which the plan was planned nearly 1 and half years back.)

2. We had the chance to visit all attractions in the highland except the Boh Plantation and Gunung Brinchang.

3. Investment wise as we collected money prior to the vacation and spent according to the budget only. And with RM 180/person, alhamdulillah they survived us.

4. (many more reasons as I forgot now, hahaha)

Lets enjoy our trip here.

Day 1 (26 April 2013/ Friday):

8.00 am: started our journey by having breakfast at Planet Curry near our residence.
9.00 am: started the journey
11.00 am: Lunch at Lemang To'Ki Bentong
2.30 pm: Arrived CH.

A. KHM Factory and Shop.

It was still early to check in hotel, so we went to Taman Sedia. Cuaca agak tidak memberansangkan. Hujan. Here, we bought some jams and topping but the stock were very limited. We grabbed all the last stocks they had that day. But then, memang kena datang lagi sebab ramai yang pesan jams and toppings here.

B. Opah Strawberry Farm

Just to have some rest while raining outside we jumped into the farm. I was planned to have strawberry muffin here but the muffin was not served during weekdays. Alahai. Then, minum teh sahaja sementara menunggu hujan reda.

Masa ni baru sampai, Boleh nampak hujan sangat lebat kan?

Tudung my friend to dah basah. nampak?

C. Taman Awam Tanah Rata

Setelah hujan berhenti dan setelah check in at Hotel Titiwangsa, we went to Tanah Rata. Killing some times before shoot our way to Pasar Malam. Housemates were never been here and they were so excited to have Photo-capturing times near fruits and vege replica).

Mcm2 aksi kan? My mum really like this pic.

The housemates.

Suasana sangat sejuk sbnrnya. Baru lepas hujan. But still that's the adventure we want from this vacation.

D. Pasar Malam Brinchang.

It was really different to come here on weekdays. Seriously tak ramai orang. Senang dapat parking di kawasan yang lebih selamat (not along the roadside). Kami beli makanan dan barang2 untuk di bawa balik spt FMs, T-shirts ataupun bantal strawberry yang famous itu. And I end up beli payung sekaki. Payung Rainbow as I already bought the strawberry umbrella during last trip (Early Mac 2013).

Pasar malam is a must place to visit and have your shopping! Berbaloi2. Believe me!

Back to hotel that day, one abang receptionist delivered us dinner voucher that entitle dinner percuma untuk 4 orang makan steamboat. Wallah!. Rezeki jangan ditolak kan. Thank you abang.

Sebahagian dari set percuma itu. Sangat banyak okay! Jenuh nak mengabiskan. 

So part 1 stop here. Wait for other parts okay..

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