Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Trip to Cameron Highlands Part 2: Time Tunnel

Assalamualaikum. May Allah bless us always.

As per promised, I will show you guys some pictures I took inside the Time Tunnel Galeria, Just few kilometers below Kea Farm.

I've never been there before. So, when the organizer told me that we are going to explore time tunnel, I was so excited and fell that I can't wait to be there. So some pictures to share:

Harus la ada muka tuan punya blog kan? Ni masa baru2 sampai...

Sangat berinovasi alat ini..

TV lama. Dodolu ada sebijik macam belah kanan tu kat umah.

Katanya bateri. Entahlah.

Antara kegilaan zaman budak - budak dulu. Tekap duit syilling jugak.

Some marketing ads and signages


What is Tamsil? Anyone? I did ask my mom but she's also not familiar with the word.

Very rare. Loteri and Kebajikan cannot be put under same sentence. 

Actually ada lagi gambar2 yang menarik and there are so many things inside the tunnel. But I was quit boring there as majority of the items were not in my growing ages. But I believe our parents would love this place as they can mengimbau nostalgia di sini like one of my friend's mother did.

So, till we meet again on next entry.

Live the life, people!

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