Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nothing much to tell

May Allah bless us always.

Yeah, hows life people?
Been great? Alhamdulillah.

Not many happened these few weeks. Me, still having classes to chase. Yeah, we only have 5 weeks before final exam and I have more chapters to cover. Lotih mengabis silibus!!!

BTW, there were few events that made my day recently.

No 1:
My mentor asked me for a P** proposal. At first I was like, yeah, this is the time to focus on study. And journals, publications, scholar materials, research, proceedings please be nice to me. But then, I realized, many have to be settled first. So, let's not talking about that now. At least let me cool down a bit.

No 2:
My small vege garden (garden la sangat) is now ready to harvest. My neighbor today, advised me to not to wait any longer to harvest the vege I planted in front of my house. But I choose to wait at least till this weekend. It just that, I think the plants will grow a bit more in these few days.

No 3:
Tasks are now mountain in front of me. Many to be settled. Tomorrow will start a 5-day-training session in which I am responsible to be the Coordinating Officer and yet I am planning to skip the training whenever I can to attend classes. Hahaha. Classes are much more important I guess. Huhuhuhu. Belahlah badan into pieces so that I can be in different locations at the same time.

No 4:
My Diamond team is preparing for a program this coming Saturday. Yes, to be honest I am nervous. Big nervous. I think a lot about the content, the participants, the team itself. I am really scare to imagine bad things and always calm myself that everything is on schedule and no need to think it could happen negatively but, again I am a normal person. I cannot deny the fact that we really have to be all prepared. This is not only the team matter. We are bringing our college name and mistakes are not allowed. So, guys, let do the best!

No 5:
Mum wanted to have a competition with me. And the competition is all about whose pokok sawi can be harvested early than the other. Is that funny? Huhuhu. I told mum that my pokok sawi will be harvested soon and she said, wow that's great. And her pokok sawi also now ready to be harvested too. So we will see... Hahaha, Kelakar but I took the challenge. Yet, still asking for some planting advise from her coz my second batch of pokok sawi are seem to have problem in growing up. I guess the soil I bought was not suitable. Mum agreed on that thing also. Oh yeah, mum already planted few variety of vege and mum said, you can have them sepasu sejenis. Seronok sangat.

No 6:
I really want to say this to someone. A special friend of mine.

Dear you,
Thanks for being my friend. The one that I always seek. Thanks for being so nice listening to my stories and giving me endless supports and advice. Thanks for being there when I need you. Thanks for always make my day.

Dear you,
I will always support you. Fly as high as you can. Go after your dream. I'll be here and will never forget to send you doa.

At times, send me updates and doa too. I really appreciate what you've done for me.
Thank you.

Told you ya, let's facing world together. Till old. Again, thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Being me is not easy. But I choose to be happy. Being me is not simple but I choose to clear the ways. Being me is not a joke and I want to do all my best. Agreed?

See you again. 
Enjoy life people.

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